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Tik Tok’s newbie number-raising strategy

Short video operation 1710

basic concept

It’s best to nurse a new Jitterbug number for 5-7 days before officially posting a video.
The first three days are mostly about watching videos and randomly liking and commenting on them for at least an hour or so a day, mainly to simulate following Shakeology’s normal new user actions.
Primary Criteria for Judgment:
1, daily viewing hours, do not send marketing words (sensitive words), video completion rate, likes, attention to the number of accounts, whether to look at the user details page and so on;
2, every day to pay attention to a minimum of 5 jitterbug recommended accounts, such as: the people’s daily;
3、Like and comment on at least 5 popular videos;
4, look at the nearby jitterbug videos in the same city;
5. Comment on 1-2 videos of interest.

1. Activity

Newly registered Jitterbug number do not rush to send video, especially those who have business needs, just registered to send video will easily be limited, and will even affect the future traffic of this number. Just registered the first week can be used as a normal person, every day to look at the same field of peer video, point praise, message comment interaction, pay attention to some peers, jitter will be in accordance with the watched video, point praise, comments, determine you as an active account, and for you to establish a field of attribute label.

2、Improve the information

Just registered account should be personal data as soon as possible to improve up, real-name authentication, binding cell phone number, headline number, the account on the content of the perfect are perfect to increase account weight.

3. Areas of specialization

Related to the first point, brush up on videos for about an hour a day, usually this point is half an hour in the morning, half an hour in the middle of the day, and half an hour in the evening. For your favorite video in the same field to like comments, the system will determine that you are an active account, and for you to establish a field of attribute labels. Later you publish works in this field, all the people recommended are people in this field, naturally easy to fire.


Send video even if it is forwarded to carry it can not be a variety of all send (not recommended to carry), the production of the video to have a vertical degree, what video are sent, then it is easy to affect the label of the jitterbug, do not make their own account into a grocery store, focus on doing a good job first.

5. Increase interaction

There are 2 directions to increase the interaction, one is within the jitterbug:It is actually called rubbing traffic, for example, if you go to comment on the content of the head of the big number, the fans of the big number can see your reply, your account, which is called rubbing traffic. At the same time, increase the interaction rate of the comments, the user sends you a comment must reply. Some numbers do not have a few user comments, which requires you to design points in the content to allow users to comment. Secondly, off-site interaction:fully mobilize the use of all the resources around you, send your own jitterbug with jitter into WeChat to or send to the circle of friends, so that more people will praise you.

concrete operation

On the first day, log into Shakeology and browse through random brush videos. After ten minutes, purposefully, go and browse more vertical videos in the target category. That is to say, if you want to do mother and baby, go to watch more videos in the category of parenting and early education, watch them carefully, and participate in the likes, comments and concerns, etc. The Jittery platform tags the account according to your operation, and so on, after a few videos, you will find that the platform will push more and more similar videos to you, indicating that the tagging is successful. On the first day, it takes about half an hour of operation.

The next day, you wake up in the morning and start brushing for about 5 minutes, still brushing small videos in your vertical and engaging in interactions. Then at noon, using the break time, continue the operation in the morning, and brush for another 10 minutes or so. Evening is the same, after work, repeat the operation of noon, start about 10 minutes of shaking time. This process, is to use your behavior to tell the platform, jittery voice is very fresh, very fun, jittery voice on the video are all I want to see, I have a particularly good impression of jittery voice app, want to play all the time. On the second day, it takes about 25 minutes of operation.

On the third day, repeat what you did on the second day. This process, the time increased to about half an hour, is to use your behavior to tell the platform that you are in love with Jieyin, as soon as you wake up and open your eyes, as soon as you get off work at noon, as well as as as soon as you finish dinner, you want to brush the video. On the third day, it takes about an hour or so to operate.

Day 4, morning and noon, same as day 3. In the evening, after brushing 5 minutes of small videos, go into Live, watch the live broadcast, and participate in the interaction, hang out for more than half an hour. This process, is to use your behavior to tell the platform, after playing for so long, I finally found a new continent in Shake, found the live entrance, no, I began to be addicted to Shake, all day and night want to spend time in Shake, I am your M, quickly give me weight. The fourth day, probably need to operate for about one and a half hours.

On the fifth day, repeat the actions of the fourth day and zoom in appropriately on each time slot to tell Jitterbug that you are in the world of Jitterbug and continue to fall.

Repeat the above on day 6, 7, and when you feel it’s not enough, brush for two more days

Once you’ve raised your number, you can post your work

It’s a way to tell Jitterbug that I’m not just a watcher, but I also create and output

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