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AIMIX Master

AI short video mixing

Fast batch output of original short videos

AI Intelligent Content Generation

Proven de-duplication algorithms



Data is generated graphically in real time and AI automatically analyzes the data

The Data Import feature allows you to import various types of data into our platform, including files in formats such as Excel and CSV, as well as data extracted from databases and APIs. You can easily centralize your data in one place for easy next-step analysis.

The Data Analytics feature provides you with a variety of powerful analytical tools that can help you dig deeper into the meaning and value behind your data. Our tools include basic statistical analysis, machine learning models, natural language processing, and other techniques to quickly spot patterns, trends, and anomalies in your data.


Cloud sharing to support team collaboration in real time

The Generate Data Visualization Graphs feature lets you turn your data into easy-to-understand graphs that you can share with your team. You can create various types of graphs, including line charts, bar charts, heat maps, and more to bring your data to life and visualize it.

The cloud storage feature allows you to easily store and share data and analysis results. All data and graphs are stored in the cloud and can be accessed and shared anywhere, anytime. Team members can easily share data without having to copy or send files.

In addition, our AI technology provides deep analysis of your data to deliver valuable insights and recommendations. It can automatically recognize patterns, predict trends, spot anomalies, and more, so you can make faster decisions.


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