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AIGC increases the efficiency of your e-commerce content!

AIMIX is committed to using the capabilities of AIGC to improve the efficiency of e-commerce content creationView Plans

Short video batch clip

Rapid mass production of original short videos, mixed cut is the highest level of originalityView Plans

Short video/image watermark extraction

It can extract videos, titles, and background music from more than 80 platforms such as Douyin, Kuaishou, and XiaoHongshuView Plans

Short video dubbing generation

Provides more than a dozen kinds of live voice dubbing, input video copy and can quickly generate video dubbing comparable to live voiceView Plans

Short video captions generation

Copy in video or audio can be extracted, and then accurately identified by AI large modelsView Plans

Copy extration

It can extract the copy in the video or audio, and generate video dubbing through the speech synthesis function查看套餐


Video Creation
AIMIX is a short set of video batch editing, copywriting, subtitle generation, voice synthesis and other short video operation functions in one of the intelligent software


Batch production of short video content

Raw a person is a team, AIMIX can help you dramatically improve the efficiency of short video editing, only after a simple video script setup, you can batch output of short videos with goods, a single person daily output of 2000 short videos is not a dream!

And it’s all original short videos, so you don’t need to worry about censorship. The subtitle setting function helps you to regenerate your own subtitles or extract the text from the audio and video.

The voice-over function has a built-in library of powerful real-life voices, which can generate natural and smooth video voice-overs.


Graphic content creation
AI Copy Generation + AI Graphics

Little Red Book Graphic, Jitterbug Graphic, Graphic Bandwagon, Ecommerce Graphic Details

Ability to generate copy content based on GPT + AI drawing to generate graphics


Automate your marketing and build your brand

Years of silent cultivation in the industry, rich experience in development and marketing

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