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230 popular texts for short video pop-ups

Explosive Popular Copy 230

1. If you don’t work hard, your children will have to work hard! If you don’t take it on, your family will have to take it on for you! This is not chicken soup, this is the truth!

2.  earned 1,800 yuan today ‘or choose to eat two dollars of bread, because I will never forget the scene of my father being forced to the door of the debt!

3.  When a person reaches the age of 40 “you can not earn money” home is no longer your haven, you will be poor sleepless nights after 80 do not give up, the world is worth it, the future can be expected!

4 mentality changed, more and more love money, afraid of parents are getting old, afraid of their own no future, ‘afraid of earning no money, afraid of their own collapse, and these must be the life I have to go through!

5,  Don’t give up so easily, because the best is always in the grand finale “No one to be your light, just shine yourself far away ten Have you started the live broadcast?

6,  But if any f girls listen to count me out, what I did not do in school is now made up for, learning this thing will never be absent just a matter of time!

7,  In-laws are good, you try to raise money, friends are good, you try to borrow money ‘wife is good, you do not earn money to try, New Year’s Day is good, you do not have money to try anything is ^!

8.80 after the tycoon told me that people can make a lot of money, absolutely because of a different way of thinking, rather than hard work. If you rely on hard work to make money, Qing Ji Gong are all millionaires!

9.  used to think that earning money is not important and then realized that the stars and the sea need tickets, the poems and the faraway places need money, and now all the hard work is to meet a better self.

10.  good earn before it without q what you take care of your pro clear support your love contact your friend, skin rely on mouth? The most important thing to remember is that you have a lot of time on your hands and knees!

1L first class can be priority boarding bank VIP can not queue concert the most expensive tickets location also the best world was not equal how hard you have to be special!

12 Send your own light is good, do not blow out other people’s lights! I’d rather be a loser than a mediocre person who is satisfied with the status quo!

13.  girl _ must make good money, when you have money after you will find friends around Look at your engrave PF the same, chasing you people trap temple other excellent ‘do not believe you try!

14.  card no 3000, pocket no money still owe a butt z, all day long think 2021 how to turn around reverse, the & out a bit of it ‘mutual encouragement, cheer!

15 You only see how much money I make, but you don’t see that I’m training at 1 a.m. ‘and writing copy at 2 a.m. f planning for people coming over to Shake Shack at 3 a.m.’

16.  Your stress comes from your inability to self-discipline only female efforts, the surface looking at the book brain thinking nonsense can not sink the heart. The status quo can’t keep up with your heart’s desires, so you’re anxious and even panicked!

17.  Girls, ‘no looks try to make yourself interesting, no money, study hard, work hard’ Don’t complain all day long, but quietly pull out of the top, stunning everyone!

18.  There are four opportunities in a lifetime to change your destiny.

One is to be born with a golden key, one is to go to a good school and get a job, and the other is to get married. If you don’t have any of the above three chances, then you need one more chance to make it on your own.

19 A woman must have her own business, not a question of earning more or less, but not a day of upward mobility. Having a career is better than anything else.

Is it too late to start over at 20.26 with $800,000 in debt?

The arrival of the 5G era, I believe that this is to give me the f opportunity, debt is not terrible, the most effort.

It’s important to study hard until the wee hours of the morning. Come on.

21.  It’s not a lack of opportunities in life, it’s a lack of willingness to act!

22.  I think women in their 30s are prettier than those in their 20s, agree?

You have to admit that “once a woman passes 30, her mindset changes, and she becomes more and more money-conscious.” She is afraid that her parents will get sick, that she won’t be able to support herself, that she will be indebted to her children, and that she will fall apart.

23.3 days, from 0 to 6100 fans, do not rely on the face value does not rely on talent, I did, learning is the only surefire investment, is the only shortcut across the stage can be!

24.  Starting this year, I’m going to have both money and a body, and I’m going to go crazy and plunder for something better, and I’m going to have a clear goal, and I’m going to hate it, and I’m going to be unstoppable as far as the eye can see.

25.  no net red face, no talent ‘but I have a heart that will not be defeated, after these 16 days of study and practice , finally learned to do live, but also can play hundreds of thousands.

26 overnight writing copy, accidentally to six o’clock. My mom said 30 years old to find someone to marry even if, I do not, with their own itself is a lifetime of reliable!

27. No strength before you have to learn to tolerate than the wolf, after the strength, you also have to learn to T cattle thing, is more than the wolf wolf wolf. I was born strong, as long as not S can laugh wildly.

2 & five years to bet with yourself, this year 23 years old, after five years if I did not succeed, I will leave the city to go home to get married and have children, win I will marry the cause!

29. The 20s are used to get rid of poverty, not to get rid of singles, it must be recognized that the boy 18 years old believe in love , after 23 years old only believe in bread, career and family balance, depending on the financial strength and self-discipline, this is not chicken soup this is the reality!

30.  earned 1200 yuan today, 2:00 a.m. is still on the side of the road to organize the information, because never forget to work before the boss discriminatory eyes!

31.  If you don’t fall in love for three years, and you study all over the world every day without any breaks, you will be able to get a satisfying career and enough money after three years , will you be willing to do it?

32.  Today to send living expenses back to the Xi Man, the phone call last Xibu Granny suddenly choked with me said: you so ■ “thing people must have been very unhappy it! I’m not sure if you’re going to be able to get a good deal on the way to the next level.

33.  Today to help Grandma pick vegetables chat ‘finally she said a word, and turned to go to the kitchen to go, listen to the end of the I cried, she said: you so ■ things, must have been unhappy, very tired it!

34.  Dad: 30 more than why not married, I: I am poor, do not want to drag her, Dad: married two people work together will not be poor. I’m not sure if you’re going to be able to get a good deal of money for this.

35.2021 new goals, first buy a 10w watch buy a 50w car, third buy a 200w house, fourth find a person who can lend me 260w!

36 Lawyers want you to be the plaintiff Pharmacies want you to be sick Repair stores want your car to break down Teachers and parents want you to know what’s going on Only thieves want you to be rich and famous!

37.  Who is not a makeup, a change of clothes, can become a beautiful sister in the eyes of others, so give yourself a good time, you are a limited edition, be a happy woman!

38.  Hubby goes out at six o’clock every day to deliver takeaways and comes back after two o’clock. His clothes don’t exceed 100, but he always tries to give me a good life. Please don’t laugh at those who work hard!

39.  This is the husband that my mother chose for me. He is not educated and works hard to support the family.

100, but every day he thinks of buying me something good. It’s worth it to meet someone like that in this life.

40.  If you are poor, you are slowly getting what you can have! I’m not sure if I’m rich, but I don’t have a lot of money in my pocket! Say lazy, from morning hard to night say stupid, will calculate 1 + 1 = 2 this bullshit life mouth Ya!

41.91 years old aunt, salary 99000. in addition to work is like to play eat chicken and the king, today bought 1999 on the popular Xer I Ben no 縁 all rely on me to charge money!

42.  said poor it has a physical store ‘said rich it pocket at any time no money, said lazy it, every day morning and evening return to run around, said stupid it, and can be the boss is not rich this bullshit life!

43.  When you meet a good person, you should choose your career first; when you meet a good person, you should start a family first; choice is more important than effort; what is worse than being poor is being satisfied with the status quo; put your goals in the middle and your chores on both sides!

44 While other people’s 23-year-olds drink and dance and fall in love, my 23-year-olds study 24 hours a day, and I want to change my situation because I’ve been facing the dirt for three generations!

45.  Instead of disliking their husbands, they should spend their days together, and it’s not easy for anyone in today’s society. Less blame and complaint, more understanding, and if you’re good at what you do, then how can you marry him in the past?

46.  When I was brilliant, my friends knew me, and when I was down, I knew my friends! If you are depressed, God will not be able to help you, but if you are excited, what can the ghosts do?

47 If you don’t have a child to hold on to, do you also want to change a city, change a cell phone number, change f circles, start a new life, and re-plan your life.

48 ■ No traffic to any of the 44 He pages sent. Insomnia all night . Today re-listening to the lesson ‘organize Pen ^ ^ ^ to find the direction. I’m trying hard, because never forget the suffocation of being disliked for not earning.

49. In this life, there are always people who laugh at you, people who are jealous of you, people who look down on you, people who don’t like you, and people who are sarcastic. It doesn’t matter, life is like this, do your best.

The 50 video was brushed off by a relative, who said that I was fooling around, wasting time instead of bringing up the kids, and that you don’t even have a chance to argue until you’ve succeeded, and that’s the reality.

51.  On the way out of the office, I deleted the leader and 108 colleagues, and exited 36 work groups. Because I know that some people can never be friends for the rest of their lives!

52.  think, more, not action, are in vain. Never laugh at those who are still〉sufficiently successful but still working hard , a person’s potential is unlimited , hard work will always be successful.

5  3 . Life is very tiring, if you are not tired now, you will be more tired later; life is very bitter, if you are not bitter now , you will be more bitter later. The only way to get free is to be tired, and the only way to know sweetness is to be bitter.

54.  Reality will tell you, do not work hard will be life to step si, no need to find any excuse, a nothing, is the reason to fight!

55.  Since life is inevitably sweet and sour since life is inevitably people), don’t always sigh, the rest of life is not so long, Zhou Liang loyal to their own kind of heart on the good.

56.  any1 relationship, you treat me f good, I will be able to return ten, because I ® “cherish” the value of two words, but you have to give me two words “worth it”.

57 The best thing about a woman is that she has a home in the country, a house in the city, a car to drive and enough money to spend. The children may not be talented, but they need to know what they are doing. The man who loves you doesn’t have to be good, but he has to take care of his family.

58.  No one can be calm outside of a situation, but no one can be calm in the middle of it. Don’t judge others so easily because you’re not in the middle of it, and cherish the people who understand you.

59.  Suddenly I love myself now I can drive a car, I can cook, I can make a baby, I can bring a child, I can stand the perfume, I can stand the temptation, it’s good to have you, it’s good to have you, it’s good to be without you.

60.  Temper everyone has, take out is instinct, suppress is ability. I’m good to you, you have to know that as long as I want to not I should, no matter what time don’t forget to be kind!

If someone throws money at you, don’t hesitate to get down on your knees and pick it up one by one! Self-esteem is nothing to do with our food and clothing, so don’t take it too seriously as an adult!

62.  If someone treats you well, you should strive to be able to repay them one day; if someone treats you poorly, you should strive to be able to get even one day!

63.  Life is like plain water, which we drink every day. Don’t be envious of the colorful beverages that other people drink, although they may look good, but they may not be as thirst-quenching as your plain water!

64.  The world’s panic is just a few pounds of silver, but this few pounds of silver can solve all kinds of melancholy in the world! Whether you love money or not, you can’t live without it!

65.  No matter what you do, if you give up halfway, there is only one outcome, failure! There are two ways to fail or succeed in the end…

66.  Maybe we’re all ordinary but we each have the opportunity to ^make our own extraordinary! So you just work hard and leave the rest to providence!

67 If I am not hungry or cold, my parents are not ashamed of me; if I am not growing, how can I treat my parents? The speed at which we grow up must exceed the speed at which our parents grow old, so please make an effort.

68 Poor in the city no one asked rich in the mountains have distant relatives! Work hard. Without money, what can you do to maintain your family, friendship and love! With your mouth?

69.  When the money you earn doesn’t support you, all your interest should be in earning money. Life is not about earning money, it’s about earning a better life.

70.  Turn all your emotions into motivation to grow so that you can see and seize better opportunities with better people! Because: you’re ready!

71.  Why try to earn before? Because of the fear of shaking hands with people people with Cartier you with rubber bands! Royal sisters spell it!

72.  There is no such thing as a good or a bad job, but there is no such thing as a good or bad job. No one is born strong, and hard work is really important! I may be a zero, but I’m going to make myself a one.

73.  Girls should understand that temperament is more important than age, smile is more important than face value, happiness is more important than love, and earning money is more important than everything else!

74.  As long as you work hard, you will be able to realize your dreams, and nothing can stop you from striving for excellence. Believe in yourself, you have always been the best.

75 You have to believe that all the difficulties you are now encountering are a kind of training for you How can you see the rainbow if you don’t go through the storm!

76 99% of the unhappiness in life is related to the lack of front Poverty not only limits your imagination, but also limits your mood. The only way to get rid of your worries is to get rich!

77 Don’t always think about meeting the right person you have to realize that you are not good! It’s useless to meet anyone! So here’s today’s trivia question: How many millions do you have now?

78.  Don’t always complain that life is not lucky enough is that you owe life a hard work the future is beautiful depends on whether you are now hard work or not!

79.  All experience is growth; may you never lack the courage to begin again.

80.  If you don’t believe in hard work and time, time will surely be the first to fail you. If you have a dream, take action now, because every day you live now is the youngest day of the rest of your life.

81.  When you remember this bitter journey after you have really worked hard, the sweetness called “sense of accomplishment” is a constant sweetness that comes from the depths of your heart.

82.  This year’s wind mouth let me rediscover the direction of a woman’s value is never laundry and cooking and bringing up children If you want to, you can absolutely achieve a better self.

83.  Do not easily tell others your misfortune your experience in the eyes of others is just a joke There is no real empathy only their own strong to have the right to speak.

84.  You must grow up faster than your parents grow old Young enough not to drag down the people who gave birth to me Old enough not to drag down the people I gave birth to That’s what I’m trying to do.

85.  entrepreneurial road you even if the weight of the journey is full of thorns and bumps to push yourself three years from now you will certainly thank today’s ruthless self cheering strangers!

86.  The most practical self-discipline is to save money, the most eye-pleasing self-discipline is to work out, the healthiest self-discipline is to go to bed early, the most temperament-changing self-discipline is to read books, and the best self-discipline is to be financially independent.

87.  When you are thin, beautiful, talented and have a bag full of your own money, the world will smile at you.

88.  When you put down your face to make money, it means that you have done something; when you use your money to make back your face, it means that you have succeeded; when you use your face to make money, it means that you have become a person.

89.  Don’t yell poor no one will give you money don’t yell tired no one will be able to bear for you in this life can use money to defend the dignity of the time too much rely on who the Chianqian such as relying on their own.

In the world of 90 adults, money is the bargaining chip of life. It’s not that I love money so much, but without money, it’s hard to get around in a time when you need money as soon as you open your eyes.

91.  Young women pursue love and mature women pursue wealth Remember that marriage is not a safe deposit box, and a man is not your permanent meal ticket.

92.  If one day you really can’t hold on, go to the two streets in the early morning to see the sanitation workers and takeaway boy, the day can be pretentious daybreak have to work hard.

93.  The hardest way is to get through it all on your own. If you’ve never experienced nothing, how do you know what the world is like? The most important thing to remember is that you don’t have to go against the wind, but you do have to go towards the sun.

94.  You can have a bad experience, but you can’t indulge in a bad life. Expect something from yourself and believe that you will always have the opportunity to turn the tide!

95.  There’s no such thing as destiny, it’s just someone trying to do their best in the dark and someone else getting discouraged and holding their head up and not knowing what it means to give in. We were born to turn things around!

96.  When a girl takes the initiative to pay the bill and does things generously without being calculating and self-respecting and self-loving and still single, her level is not comparable to that of ordinary people.

97.  一个女人的魅力就是骨子里有坚强言行中有素质心灵中有善 良选择能承担的承担所选择的。

98.  The days that come out of boiling are the days that come out of breaking out are the lives that come out of breaking out Don’t choose to be comfortable at the age of striving Your every transformation needs to be experienced by yourself.

99.  A girl must work hard because you can’t be Mom and Dad’s little coat when you grow up, you have to be their bow coat, and when you grow up, you have to be your own armor.

100.  Many people ask me why I work so hard, and I want to say that you don’t understand the feelings of those who have spent the first half of their lives in shambles and are now afraid of disappointment and desperately want to shuffle their cards.

10L If you can’t make the 5am sunrise, you might as well see the 6pm sunset, I mean: you can choose the latter!

102,  A man’s biggest failure is: let the women who have loved their own feel blind, let the women who do not want your money suffered a lot of aggression, until the end still do not know where the fault lies.

103,  Trying hard is not about touching anyone or showing that person, but about being able to protect yourself and your family at all times.

104,  I used to think that thirty was a long way off, but then I realized that eighteen was a long time ago.

105,  Life is still coming! May you be brave and fearless even if you are single-handed!

106,  Life will not treat you well just because you are a girl, you have to be quiet and excellent, quiet and strong f The world is not fair, how hard you have to work, how different it will be.

107,  A lot of people ask me ‘how Z powder’ I want to say ‘only sleep 4 hours a day’ research work research account and their own dead , no entertainment , no socializing, full of brains are learning to improve.

108,  I was born in the countryside and have never known what it means to be delicate, I only know that the sky is the limit! I will never have to worry about the baby’s milk powder again.

L09-I know you’re tired, and it’s the kind of thing that you can’t see, the anxiety and confusion in your heart, and the powerlessness of the future, but don’t give up, because I also started from zero, and I’m keeping up with the trend, and it’s all very good.

110. I’m a mom, a woman, and a girl, and I want to find someone to rely on when I’m wronged, but when I see your smile, I think I can get through it.

11L When you figure it out, you’ll realize that what you once held on to and refused to let go of is nothing more, nothing less.

112 I love to laugh, once cried, than anyone else’s heartbreaking, not because of sadness, but because of too long pretending.

113,  A woman must earn her own money, must be able to drive, must be able to dress up, the car should have gas, ‘cell phone power, bag money, this is the sense of security!

114,  Personal advice: women should work hard to earn a living, do not be obsessed with a man who does not love you, really not very good, they are not good, “meet anyone is useless, you say?

115,  Two generations have to suffer, either you or your children. No one has a choice about what kind of life they are going to have.

116,  Entrepreneurship is a road of no return, it’s okay to fall down, grit your teeth and climb up to start again, every time there is a different scenery and harvest, where the 4 now run around, you have to give yourself a lot of credit!

117 As a woman I’m not sure if you’re a woman, but I’m a woman. Either you’re inspirational or you’re beautiful, and if you’ve spent the first half of your life in shambles, you’re going to have to reshuffle your cards in the second half of your life to find yourself!

118, except for your parents, no one wants you to do well, including your best friends! If you’re doing well , they’re jealous, and all you have to do is make a lot of money , and don’t tell them how you’re making it.

119. Remember, when you’re tired, walk, worry a little, do not retreat, you have not yet exhausted all efforts “how to know that there is no miracle” cheer!

120 – Your stress comes from the fact that you are not disciplined, that you try hard, that you look at a book, that you can’t think straight, that you can’t keep up with your heart’s desires, and that’s why you’re anxious and even panicky.

12L lip sync can really turn into rice! I didn’t do anything, but I gained 3,000 yesterday, this era is too strange! Do the dance and laugh! I’m going to go buy some bones to eat! Hahaha!

122- There is no job in the world that is not hard, and there is no personnel that is not complicated, no matter what you are experiencing at the moment, you should adjust your mind and keep moving forward!

123 Cherish the people who offer to comment to you because no one would be bored enough to waste their time for someone who doesn’t do anything first. It’s cold Let’s get warm together Come on we’re the best.

124, self-check account weight of the method to come to the work of playing 100 zombie number, 500 normal number, 1000 to be recommended number, break through 10,000 is the quality of the number ‘you are which kind of number?

12 5, today No. 1 gold anchor wages to, want to go to eat under the sea, but still ate 20 of the hot and spicy “because never forget to borrow rice when the heartache, alas! Keep up the good work!

12 6. Counterpoint How many people are insisting How many people want to give up How many people are following their hearts to do their own life will not sympathize with the weak sisters you opened the broadcast we cheer together.

127.  Yesterday cleaned up more than 180 illegal fans, account weight immediately restored, the original open their own lower-right corner arrow fourth green can see the weight of the ‘you learned?

128.  Dreams don’t shine, it’s you who follow them! No matter how muddy life gets, tomorrow is here and all you have to do is try to become the person you want to be! Go for it!

129.  A woman who only thinks about making money has a story to tell. “It’s not how much she loves, it’s how well she understands other people”.

The roof of the house is even bigger, the QF as they have an umbrella. Reality forces a woman to be a woman.

130. works in 300 500 1000 that’s because there is no good account to build ‘no good persona, will not detonate the comment area, to my home to teach you, want to learn?

13 L do live is not only the problem of persistence, it must be the problem of methods and ideas, the method is not the right effort in vain! The method with the right very decision to do up!

132. If you don’t want to resign yourself to your fate, then work hard! There is always something to be gained, whether it is big or small, early or late, but it will never fail you! Don’t always envy others but don’t dare to start!

133 live on the road will encounter ups and downs, the popularity of the live room will be ups and downs 『 good attitude can make us through the thorns! We’ll be victorious if we stay the course! Let’s #cheer together!

134 Is the dream that brought you to Shakeology in the first place still alive? I think it’s always a question of ‘doing it to get results! Don’t wait any longer, take the first step, let’s do it together!

135 Live I’m trying to improve not only my ability, but also my snail-like perseverance and persistence. When you’re having a hard time, you’re going uphill.

136.  A lot of moms say they are tired and want to give up, but I would say that this platform is designed to allow moms to straighten their backs! Giving up only needs an excuse, perseverance will be successful!

137.  When your talent can’t support your ambition ‘then you’ll be quiet and study, better than you are working hard, what right do you have to give up? We’re all in this together, family.

138.  Cherish the people who offer to give it to you, because no one would be so bored as to waste their time for someone who has nothing to do with them! It’s rolled up. Together we’ll get ambiguous! Let’s go!

139.  Concerned about don’t q eliminate, newcomers just started the Qian easy, learn to warm up, I’m very active , come on let me spoil you, we go together #makefriends

140.  〃Earn money after today, don’t spend all day on love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love.

141.  more interaction is really useful, every day is 99 + ‘ really is shenqi 5G era, we xie tongren ji will, comment area active baby take away #newcomer

142•不论亲晴,爰情,友淸,没变是无晴,因为穷我开启了直播, 因为我想经纪独力我做了主播’你怕穷吗? Are you still afraid to start broadcasting?

143 works playback amount card 500, do this 3 days up 1000 to 5000. every day up 200 Fin, meet 20 levels, high quality works, who do shake rake fat favor who

144,  What’s it like to turn on a live stream for the first time? Excited Excited Overwhelmed Breakthrough Again Yesterday Live Streaming 137 People Online Bandwagon Plus Soundwave Triple Digit Earnings What about you guys?

145,  are all baby moms, you today’s suffering I ^ understand, because I am also experiencing! I’m sure you’ll be able to understand the difficulties I’m experiencing today! I’m sure you understand, too!

146,  I’m in love with the jitterbugs no talent no team by lip-synching three days up 1Q fans harvested 3 digits although not much but also satisfied thanks to the jitterbugs dad to give the Xitong people the opportunity to #newcomer report

147 newcomers to the broadcasting of the first really difficult, adhere to it will be gained, and then try a little bit should be better and better, we do not give up! Let’s do it!

148.  The bottom line of adults is that they are given money, so don’t worry about it, and make more money when you have time.2021 Leave the time for reliable people and things! The most important thing to remember is that you have to be a woman of choice!

149.  no matter how tired people waist insist on tongue leap, no matter how busy people 淒to insist on sending works, shaking father like Dedicated people, the dream itself is not shine, will shine is to chase the dream of you!

150.  Shake Daddy found me! The flow is many times more than before let me be flattered 気互动 坚揺舌跃really important , comment area baby remember to take away Oh!

15L others sleep lazy when you to open the broadcast, others shopping time you to open the broadcast, in short Other people in the play when you are struggling, the live wind mouth must be seized % of the first broadcast

L52. poor people would have been poor, tossed right on the rich, tossed wrong big deal or the same old, nothing to hesitate, after 60 are still tossing, we are thick-skinned still afraid of what!

L53 – live on the road can be bumpy J, the popularity of the live room ups and downs, a good mindset can let me through the thorns and thistles, can withstand the test of talent can go to the end, go # BaoMa live!

154.B, those who are older than us are working hard , those who are prettier than us are working hard, those who are more successful than us are working hard, like me what not to work hard #Go for it!

15 5. do live to realize that the newcomer is really too difficult to get up the courage to start broadcasting but found that a person can not stay home can not give some encouragement

156, efforts can only pass, desperation will be excellent! Some people j tongue in the moment, some people乗风破浪! You have stayed up all night and eaten the bitter will eventually turn into a notice! Go for it!

157 Playing Jitterbug is not to become a netizen, just do not want to be eliminated by the times! If it were not for the necessities of life, who would be willing to show their faces. Just for the sake of the silver that can solve all the sorrows of the years! Come on!

158.  The road to live broadcasting will encounter ups and downs, the popularity of the live broadcasting room will be ups and downs, a good state of mind can be ten on us to overcome the obstacles! The best way to do this is to be a good sport, and to be a good sport! I’m not going to be able to do that.

159.  Because of the poor do anchor, from the beginning of the nervousness will not speak, to the current mouth on the come, mouth stupid more practice on the line, which has the success of the people are not hard work, go for it!

L60- Babies with not enough fans, you shut me down, I shut you down, more, more comments, more blasting yourself, but not seconds, come together to keep warm! 2021 Grateful to have met you

16L Even if no one appreciates you, you still have to be alone.

162.  do live broadcast 10 days to earn the husband 3 months of wages, do live broadcast is not to do Netflix, but to earn money at the same time not to miss the child’s growth, will not be broadcast to the live broadcast room

163.  When you put down your face, you’ve succeeded, the stage is big, you don’t get involved, you’re always an audience member, you’ve got the talent, you’ve got the face, you’ve got it all, you’re on the air, you’re on the air?

164 Someone asked me how zhangfen so fast, in fact, I just read the work of praise comment, more active, no shortcuts, you learned it? #Opening

165.  want to open the broadcast dare not open the broadcast, confused baby, hesitate 10,000 times as well as practice once! #citytalk #citytalk #citytalk #citytalk #citytalk #citytalk #citytalk #citytalk #citytalk #citytalk #citytalk #citytalk

166.  try a little ‘is to ■ on their own more chips, do not do not like things. Life There are no ifs and buts, there are only consequences and results, less ask others why, more ask yourself why.

167.  No one will care about how you step by step through, some will also suppress you splash you cold water, no matter what, rely on yourself is the opening of the efforts of the women’s stage, come on, the first sowing and then harvest!

168.  Counterpoint I’m on Hot Mouth ! I’ve been using this hot formula of Hot Copy + Hot Music + Hot Topics plus 6-7 seconds to break the air + Effective Activity you guys get it % Mutual Favoring

169.  If your plays have not been popular then try this method to brush to the video to watch and then click on the phenol to live to watch and then click on the favorite so that their own work will have a stay length of time

170.  five-year housewife embarked on the road of live broadcasting husband from opposition to support open wave 6 days income husband a year’s salary family status is different 2021 I want to turn over

17L When you put down the face to earn the time, that you have matured, hesitate a thousand times as well as action once, there is no shortcut on the road to success, let’s work together!

172 Half an hour before and after you send your work, remember to brush the attention page and recommendation page for 20 minutes to maintain the relationship with your friends and increase the chance of popularity , have you learned it? #live

173,  learn to warm up, more interaction more comments, sooner or later will be shaking father found, do my fans let me to spoil you, the comment area active baby are taken away.

174,  There is no wasted effort, there is no chance of success, every day insist on more active more interactive, I believe that our efforts will one day be rewarded!

175,  Other people shut you down, we must shut back, everyone has 5,000 attention votes, 200 votes a day ‘We are not a star net red, we must know how to embrace the warmth’.

L76. baby fans are not enough, you shut me down, I shut you down, more comments, more exposure, more, but not a second 『 together to warm up! Come and bring the comment section active baby home together!

177,  The broadcasting room has been crawling for a long time, the information is ready, finally got up the courage to open the broadcasting today, jitterbug trend you see? I’m not sure if you’re a big fan of it or not, but I’m a big fan of it.

178.  girl “you’re not so bad, take your time, as long as you do not give in, life will not do anything, don’t take it seriously, be a wow woman, everything will be fine, super good exposure good no K bribe”.

179,  In order to raise the number and increase the powder, every day running everywhere, everywhere comments, everywhere forwarding, active value 100% every day is 99 + fans are not enough, the comment area active baby hold away

180.  Come to mutual favor! More active, more interactive, more ping theory is really useful, newcomers together with the group to marry warm ah, 4 Er is not the most active friend? The “Pinkie Pie” area is a place where babies are taken away from their tongues.

18L are baby moms, you today’s suffering I tg understand, because I am also experiencing! I’m a woman, I’m a woman, I’m a woman, I’m a woman, I’m a woman, I’m a woman, I’m a woman. I’m sure you’ll understand, too!

M2.Jitterbug popular, to adhere to the shooting HD, input, work vertical, duration of 6-8 seconds, full of copy 55 words, often active account, point light sign, and do not seconds!

L83. Life is not always easy, but there are old people and young people, the responsibility and mission on our shoulders, we have to work hard! Thank you for meeting Jitterbug in the 5G era, seize the wind mouth you can also rebound!

184,  woman only by ji independent ,love your people will love you more ,hand on the top of the day is not easy to live baby moms cheer up ! Thanks to Shake Shack for making us baby mommies go against the grain.

185,  regardless of family ‘love’, love, friendship, no money is the most ruthless, because of the poor I opened the live broadcast, because I want to be ji independent I did the anchor, you still dare not open the broadcast? I’m not sure if I’m going to be able to do that, but I’m going to be able to do it.

L86. active embrace, active back, mutual care, embracing warmth, the same is the dreamer, together with the gasoline ‘comments area are active baby ‘hurry up and take it away # dreamers

187, the world of adults are lonely, who is not broken while healing? Because the pace of earning never dare to slow down, now do not suffer, our children will have to suffer.

188 anyone who wants to give up, please believe me, as long as we see the next day’s sun mouth, the A to rise again Thank you Shake the sound of us debtors against the odds!

189.  In all the years you’ve been on this earth, have you ever broken down late at night? Have you ever cried? I have! The baby mama who is hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt has come to start her own business! Thanks to Jitterbug for making me buck up. Are you on?

190.  Watching the flowers bloom and fall in front of the court for 40 years, from a young girl to a wife to a mother, the responsibility and mission on the shoulders had to work hard, thanks to the jittery voice to let our baby moms reverse the situation, you started the broadcasting of the # entrepreneurship

191.  A life has regrets and waves, but no run戯L only the future, the future sweet or not sweet, depending on the present effort, live against the wind mouth you grabbed # entrepreneurship

L92-Who’s life is not a chicken feather? The hardest thing is to get through it, in order to find hope I started a live broadcast ‘thanks to the platform gave me the opportunity to rebound, are you on the air?

L93. Now we’re different, we’ve become wives and mothers, so we have to work hard, we have to be independent ‘Shake Shack startups are you reading this? Are you on the air?

L94 poor does not matter, as long as you choose the right direction, seize the 5G era enough to work hard, then we will be sweet for life, we do not work hard for the next generation will have to work hard, ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ right?

195.  poor is not terrible, Qing believe that a thousand sails through the end of the return is still a young man, to thank the jitterbugs gave us the baby moms the opportunity to rebound.5G era of the wind mouth you see ci? The first thing you need to do is to get your hands dirty.

196.  The woman who only thinks of earning must have a story, not that she has much honor, but that she understands that: the roof of others is even bigger, ‘the PF such as their own umbrellas! I’m not sure if you’re going to be able to do this, but I’m sure you’ll be able to.

197.  什么者隈^的,只有赚才是真的,我在抖音逆袭了 ,你当初来 抖音的梦想还在? Are you still afraid to start a show? Let’s get it together!

198.  We are all dreamers of jitterbugs, all the new forces of jitterbugs, poor is not terrible, afraid of not keeping up with the pace of the 5G era, everyone to start a business, you open the air?

199.  People only know the world’s cruelty if they have been poor! You’re poor, you can’t do anything, you have no skin! Thank you for giving me a chance to get out of poverty, to make a comeback to Jitterbug, are you on?

200.  You said you were scared to start the show… What I’m trying to say is that I don’t have any fear in my pocket? We’re not afraid to go on the air, we’re not afraid to go on the air, we’re not afraid to go on the air, we’re not afraid to go on the air, we’re not afraid to go on the air, we’re not afraid to go on the air.

2ol can not be invulnerable to poison, the rub after the injury m tired; can laugh at the wind and clouds of the people, the rub after a thousand dark holes; the adult world, the side of the collapse, the side of the self-repair, you?

202,  You say you are afraid to open the broadcast, I would like to say that the poor more terrible, have the talent to have a face, we do not try, the next generation will have to work hard, do not dare to open the broadcast will not open the broadcast to the live room it!

203,  Many people still do not dare to open the broadcast, afraid to meet acquaintances afraid of live no one, I want to say that the poor afraid of still afraid of acquaintances? The poor people are poor, but if they are right, they are rich #babymomlive

204,  Whether it is family, love, friendship, no money is the most no green, because of the poor I opened the live broadcast, because I want to be independent of the ji I did the anchor ‘you still do not dare to open the broadcast? I’m not sure if I’m going to be able to do that.

205,  HD s frequency can be on the hot, in fact, very simple, good account building, table clear into the drama, correctly active, more interaction more exposure, comment area active baby more to hug a #live

206,  No one cares about how you got through it, and some of them will even pour water on you. Anyway, relying on yourself is the best way to start working hard . ‘ Money cures all inferiority complexes!

207-live 16 days, earned a year’s salary, no talent no face value of my all the way to rely on their own Groping, did not think, to also become an anchor, 5G when [Eagle you started?

208. f The meter didn’t cost anything, and the work exploded for four months in a row! Many people ask how to do it? Be more active, level up to 20, control the duration of 6~10s with hot songs, and write a full copy! Go for it!

209 – There is not a job in the world is not hard, there is not a personnel is not complicated, no matter what you are experiencing at the moment, you have to adjust the mindset, continue to move forward, refueling!

210 – Cherish the people who offer to give you comments because no one will be so bored as to waste time for a person who has nothing to do with it first. It’s cold. Let’s warm up together. Come on we’re the best.

21L self-check account weight of the method to come to the work of playing 100 zombie number, 500 normal number, 1000 to be recommended number, breakthrough 10,000 is a quality number, you are which kind of number it?

212 today No. 1 gold medal anchor wages to, want to go to eat under the sea, but still ate 20 of the horrible hot, because never forget to borrow rice when the heartache, ugh! Keep up the good work.

213.  Counterpoint How many people are holding on How many people want to give up How many people are following their hearts and doing their own life doesn’t sympathize with the weak Sisters are you on the air? Let’s cheer together!

214,  Yesterday cleaned up more than 180 violations of the fans, account weight immediately restored, the original open their own lower-right corner arrow fourth green can see the weight, you learn it?

215.  Dreams don’t shine, it’s you who chase them! No matter how muddy life is, tomorrow will come, and all you have to do is try to become the person you want to be! I’m not going to be able to do that!

216,  The woman who only thinks about making money must have a story, not how much she loves but she understands that the roof of others is not as big as her own umbrella , the reality forces the woman to become a woman.

217. works in 300 500 1000 that’s because no good account Yung Jian, no good person set up, will not detonate the comment section “to my home to teach you, want to learn?

21& do live is not only the problem of persistence, must be the method and the idea of the problem, the method is not the right effort for nothing! The right way to do it quickly! Together.

219,  If you don’t want to resign yourself to your fate, go for it! The first thing you need to do is to get something out of it, whether it’s big or small, early or late , and it won’t let you down! You should not always be envious of others, but do not dare to start!

220.  The road to live broadcasting will encounter ups and downs, the popularity of the live broadcasting room will also fluctuate, a good state of mind can be ten on us to overcome the obstacles! The best way to do this is to stick to the end! I’m not sure if you’re going to be able to do that.

22 L Is the dream you had when you first came to Shakeology still alive? Thinking is always the problem, doing is the result! Don’t wait any longer, take the first step and let’s #GoTogether!

222,  live streaming What we want to improve is not only the ability, but also the snail-like perseverance and persistence! When you think it’s tough, it must be going uphill #GoGo!

223,  When your talent doesn’t support your ambition, then you should settle down and study. People who are better than you are working hard, what right do you have to give up? #CheerForFamily

224,  No one cares how you got through it step by step, and some of them will even suppress you and pour cold water on you. No matter what, relying on yourself is the beginning of the hard work Money can cure all inferiority complexes!

225 Things are beautiful. The people to group points, jitterbugs will be based on their own preferences of the user recommended to you, if you brush to me 『 prove that we have destiny, thank you to come to see me!

226f meter didn’t spend and the work exploded for 4 months in a row! Many people ask how to do it? Be more active, level up to 20, control the duration of 6~10s with hot songs, and write a full text! I’m not sure how to do it, but I’m going to do it!

227.  Every section of the road in life, in fact, will be a kind of collar, Alcove, read all the world, to see the world of pity and warmth ‘all experience, are ripening a kind of original medicine [than the heart].”

228.  First have something to aspire to, work hard to excel, and then have it generously. The so-called life: have something to do, have something to love, have something to look forward to.

229,  Accept that others are different, insist on your own different, your dream, you have to embankment, even if the boat against the current, but also to fight!

230. If you’re in your 20s, do you want to start your own business? Don’t be afraid to start your own business while you are still in your 20’s, and don’t be afraid to do it!

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