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Principle of short video batch mixing

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Principle of short video batch mixing

We split a short video into multiple parts, in which the script is the skeleton of this video, each video script determines the content composition of this video, including video style, attributes, etc. Specifically split we can be divided into the following parts:

So let’s apply the first nature principle a little bit, split the video into these atomic constituent elements, and then recombine them into a new video, first of all, this is the highest level video de-emphasis method, regenerate the new video with the old elements, and second of all, we can batch and automate this process, and then free up our productivity, so that we short video producers can focus on doing a good job of selecting the right products and account operations and other important work, leaving this tedious manual labor to the software.

Each time we generate a video, we can create a task script, this script consists of multiple scenes, you can combine and adjust the order of the scenes in any way you want, each scene is a footage directory, a directory consisting of one and the same scene, inside the same scene of the footage, it can be a number of camera positions with different angles of the video, for example, this video script below is composed of 6 scenes, which, among other things, include: Product pouring, opening the bag, pouring into a tray, taking it out of the bag, shaking it in the tray, breaking it open

As you can see, each scene catalog is composed of multiple video shots, and this video script can theoretically be generated from this many shots

31 x 32 x 31 x 32 x 40 x 15 = 590438400 videos, and it’s not duplicated, because at least one shot is not duplicated, but in the actual release, we for example, to improve the rate of review, that at least to ensure that 50 %的内容不重复,那么即便只算1% the number of %的内容不重复,那么即便只算1%, there are still 5904384 videos available

Also, you can reassemble the video script by changing the order of the scenes:

The prev:

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